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In The Garden

  • Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) November +

    Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) November Things to do in November in your Veg Garden in Portugal. Read More
  • Na Horta (The Veg Garden) - March +

    Na Horta (The Veg Garden) - March March is a busy time down in the veg patch. Read More
  • Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) September +

    Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) September Things to do in September in your garden in Central Portugal. Read More
  • Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) October +

    Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) October Things to do in October in your Vegetable garden in Portugal Read More
  • Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) July-August +

    Na Horta (In The Veg Garden) July-August Things to do in the Veg. garden in July and August. Read More
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Days Out

  • Top 10 Beaches in Central Portugal +

    Top 10 Beaches in Central Portugal There are lots of beaches in central Portugal, we have picked out 10 of our favourites. They are a mix Read More
  • Obidos International Chocolate Festival +

    Obidos International Chocolate Festival Óbidos Chocolate Festival takes place around March/April each year.   Read More
  • Gois Bike Festival +

    Gois Bike Festival One of biggest Motorbike Festivals in Portual Read More
  • Festa dos Tabuleiros Part 3 +

    Festa dos Tabuleiros Part 3 Preparations for the Festa start early in Tomar. Read More
  • Festa dos Tabuleiros Part 2 +

    Festa dos Tabuleiros Part 2 In the second of Hey Portugal's series about “Festa dos Tabulerios” in Tomar Sylvia and Peter take a look at Read More
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Something's Cooking

  • Home Made Baked Beans +

    Home Made Baked Beans Here is the recipe you have all been waiting for.  For all of you who miss tinned baked beans read Read More
  • Milk Braised Pork +

    Milk Braised Pork Milk Braised Pork Great Sunday Lunch or Family gathering. Read More
  • Fish with Roast Peppers and Tomatoes +

    Fish with Roast Peppers and Tomatoes Fish with Pesto Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes This recipe is simple but very tasty and filling. Read More
  • Hummus +

    Hummus Hummus A really easy and healthy recipe. Great to make with your own Olive Oil and freshly picked lemons. Read More
  • Wendy's Cookbook +

    Wendy's Cookbook Wendy's Cookbook - a mix of recipes from Portugal and around the world. Read More
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Living In Portugal brings it’s own set of joys along with problems and situations. Whether you have been here 20 years, 2 years, just arrived last week or are intending to move here in the future, you will find something here for you.

We don’t claim to know everything but what we do intend to do is plug some of those knowledge gaps in a simple and effective way. Lower down this page you will find a usuful list of National Holidays.

About Portugal

In this section we will include articles and information about Living in Portugal that do not fit into any other category in this section, such as the article about Embassy's and Consulates.

Gardens in Portugal

Local knowledge on what to grow and where to grow it, as well as where you can buy it from. We have articles about making your garden bloom and creating your own Vegetable Plot. We now have a regular contributor for this page, so keep coming back to see the latest articles. If  any of you green fingered gardens can also put your hands to writing then please get in touch.

Food and Drinks of Portugal

A selection of articles about the popular dishes in Portugal nd the drinks. Do you know how to ask for the correct coffee? You will also find Wendy's CookBook here with lots of recipes to tingle your tastebuds.

Travel and Transport

We provide information on travelling by road, rail, or air from Portugal and throughout Portugal, whether you are travelling local or visiting the Algarve you will find information here.. You will see around you big changes to roads in Central Portugal; there will be more information about these here.

House and Home

Many of our readers have been or are involved in a restoration or build project, or you probably know someone who is or has. We will tell you what to be aware of and where you can find help locally. We don’t plan to give life histories of every build project in Central Portugal but we do want to give an insight and some hints and tips to those of you who want them. You can learn from the experience of people who have already done the things you are planning.

Education in Portugal

We have current information covering areas from the Pre-school years, through to University and Adult Education in Portugal. When do you order school books? When are school holidays in Portugal? What do I need to get my children in to school?

Where can I learn Português?

Health & Wellness

Information about Living in Portugal,  Registering at the Health Centre, Alternative therapies and more.

Pets and Animals

Information about keeping pets or other animals here in Portugal, about bringing them here and taking them out. Also information about the various charities that help and support unwanted animals.

We would be happy to receive articles and contributions in any and all of these sections, so contact us if you have something to share.


Public / National Holidays


Date varies each year
Date fixed every year 

1 Jan New Year's Day
40 days before Easter Carnaval
Good Friday
Easter Sunday

25 April Freedom Day/Republic Day
1 May Labour Day
10 Jun Portugal Day
May/Jun Corpus Christi
15 Aug
5 Oct Republic Day
1 Nov
 All Saints' Day
1 Dec
 Restoration of Independence Day
8 Dec
 Immaculate Conception
25 Dec
 Christmas Day

 In addition to these every Municipality has their own holiday, which is a fixed date. All these are listed in our Calendar.