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Gastronomic Portuguese Dictionary by Thomas Harmsworth

This Gastronomic Dictionary by Thomas Harmsworth Publishing is a little gem and everyone should have one.

This little book is designed to allow diners to make sense of Portuguese Menus, from a variety of Portuguese speaking countries.

Portuguese is spoken on 4 continents and has 3 times as many words as Spanish, so do not be surprised to find a term used that you do not hear locally. If terms are specifically Brazilian then this is stated clearly.

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Book Reviews

Here you will find reviews about books that are written for the English speakers/readers in Portugal. Books about living here, travel guide, wine guides, maps and atlases, buying property, financial planning and more. There will be a new book review added every month and reviews of all our Prize Draw books are included here.

All the books shown here, and more can be ordered for delivery to Portugal from

Hey Portugal Bookstore, click here.


You can buy lots of other books and gifts here too, don't forget Christmas and birthday presents. This is a great way to send gifts to friends and family in the UK as many items are delivered free to the UK. You can even have them gift wrapped for a small charge. Much cheaper than posting something from Portugal and ideal for those last minute presents, as you can even get next day delivery.




Portuguese Homestyle Cooking

Portuguese Homestyle Cooking by Ana Patuleia Ortins

Available from Amazon at around €22.00, it is a hardback, 240 page book, worth every cent.pthomestylecookers

The author of this book is a Portuguese-American, who’s father and grandparents moved to the USA in 1937 for a better life. Her father passed on many stories and traditions about Portuguese cooking to Ana and she now shares some of them with us through this book.

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Turinta Map of Portugal

Turinta Map of Portugal (Europe Series)

A map is a map – or is it?turinta

The Turinta Map of Portugal – One of a series of eight covering Europe - tries to go beyond being just folding map and offers the user some extra useful features. The map is not highly detailed being a scale of 1:600.000 or 1cm to 6km, so it does not get down to the finer points and show all the villages; they have another series of maps in more detailed scale. That said, the map is an excellent route planner and provides all of the major points on your journey and because of its’ size, you can use it in the car without preventing the driver from seeing through the windscreen as you unfold it.

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Grass Roots

Grass Roots by John Trueman (published by Melrose Books)

Normally, Hey Portugal focuses on books about aspects of Portugal but this time we couldn’t resist this excellent book by John Trueman. John lives in central Portugal and we first came across him when he made some critical comments about our magazine grammar. This was taken in good humour and without us realising that John had a book about to be published. Now would be the chance to get our own back....but we have nothing to criticise.

The book is all about a Sunday League footballgrassroots team during a season of matches with each weekly match dictating the timeline through the story. Before those of you that don’t like football start tuning out, please wait. This is a well crafted book and goes well beyond the football matches and develops the main characters both on and off the pitch, where personal relationships overlap with the football.

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