Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Penela Town Focus

Penela Town Focus

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Óbidos Town Focus

Once the wedding present to a Queen, the preserved medieval town of Óbidos which is 80 km north of Lisbon is without doubt one of Portugal's most interesting walled settlements.

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Porto Town Focus

Porto is one of Portugal's best loved cities, explore the Port Wine cave, stroll around the historic city or take a boat trip up the Duro.

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Tomar Town Focus

Tomar is an historic city in central Portugal. It was home to the legendary Knight's Templars tomar conventoand the castle they inhabited still remains intact today, waiting for your visit.

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Nazare Town Focus

With its pleasant climate and great natural beauty, Nazaré is home to some of Portugal’s oldest fishing traditions. Nazaré is a small coastal town in Leiria which is very popular with tourists.

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