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Reporting Animal Abuse in Portugal

By Hansueli Krapf [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This article explains how you can reports animal abuse in Portugal. 

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Processionary Caterpillars - The Facts

Processionary Caterpillars live in Pine trees in southern Europe and North Africa,processionary caterpillar so we get them here in Portugal.

In early spring they can be very dangerous to Pets and Humans alike. Here is some facts about them and what to do if you come across any.

Where and When will you see them?

The Pine Processionary Caterpillar/Moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) lives in pine trees and if you have pets or small children and pine trees then you need to know about them.  In Português they are known as Lagarta do Pinheiro or Lagartas Processionárias, this could be useful if you need medical help.

In late winter and early spring they come down from their nests in the pine trees and form conspicuous snakelike lines as they travel along the ground searching for soft soil which they can burrow into.

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Keeping Horses In Portugal


We came to central Portugal in January 2006, and since that time many more ex-pats have moved or are planning to move into the area, and bring their horse or horses with them. Some, alternatively, are moving out here and then plan to buy a horse over here to keep at their new home.

We have had many enquiries from these people asking about feed, bedding, vets and farriers, and generally about keeping horses in this climate. So I thought I would put this information together in an article, and also make a few suggestions, based on our experience with keeping horses here.

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Bianca Animal Shelter

Bianca Animal Shelter is a private Portuguese association, a registereBianca Animal Shelterd charity with a public utility status, whose objective is to rescue dogs and cats and to rehome them to good homes.

Bianca runs a shelter for around 250 dogs and has 50 cats in “temporary families”. The shelter is in Sesimbra – a coastal city 30 km south of Lisbon.

Bianca receives around 30 new animals every month. It is always a struggle to keep a reasonable number of them in the shelter and to be able to rehome as many as possible every month.

Many animals that we receive are in a very bad state: after an accident, with broken bones and wounds, puppies and kittens found dehydrated in garbage bins, animals physically abused. We count with the help of the vets who give us discounted prices but nevertheless our monthly veterinary bills are significant.

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Dogs of Portugal Charity

Dogs of Portugal and Cantinho da Milu

Dogs of Portugal Animal Charity is a group of young, multicultural, highly motivated, men and women Cantinho da Milu and Dogs of Portugalthat devote – on a voluntary, non-remunerated basis – their short free time to improve the living standards of abandoned and mistreated dogs in Portugal.


We have different nationalities, different professional backgrounds (from the services to the health industry, or from legal practice to the armed and security forces) but are strongly united under the premise of upgrading the animal welfare practices in Portugalto the highest standards achieved in the most advanced countries in the world.

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